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We Are Your Source for HMI (Haitian Music Industry) News

The music of Haiti is a vast and influential sector of media worldwide. Since Haitian artists and groups began to emerge into the Western spotlight over the last several decades, popular interest has grown exponentially. With the increase in interest, the web needs quality sources for news and videos. So what are we all about?

HaitianMusic.net aims to fill that gap.

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Many individuals want to begin learning about Haiti’s music scene but don’t know where to begin. We think that that starting place should be the history of different genres. To help others learn about the past and present, we offer a small encyclopedia of all the popular forms of music from the island nation. We encourage you to begin your journey at our heading section, “What is Haitian Music?”

For fans who already know where their favorite styles originated, we post daily music videos and news regarding the industry. Our team tries to gather credible information from the top sources available. Thank you for supporting our website — we truly hope you explore and enjoy your stay!

All of our content is curated in English as we try to appeal to our primary reader base. We also try to keep our posts relevant and family-friendly.

Please visit this page to contact us with general inquiries, business inquiries, advertising, comments, job/ internship postings, or suggestions. If you have a news lead or would like to report a bug or broken link, this is also the place to do it.

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  1. To the HMI administration and staff. My question is also an invitation. Wouldn’t the HMI never consider to make a great gesture of recognation and appreciation to one of the greatest Haitian musician guitariste composer arranger and producer still alive, yet to be recognized enough by his pears in the HM industry, Artists most of the time really really loved simple gestures in the absence of wealth or fortunate. Dear HMI brothers and sisters, my name is Jimmy Moise of Le P’ti Club. Cell # 954 687-7063 based in Miami, Florida is taking this opportunity to invite you guys or any of your South Florida based representative to join me in paying a very special and well desererved hommage this April 2016 with a plaque or award presented by the HMI entity during a celebration in Broward County lutting together by my organization ” Le P’ti Club” in the honor of this great legendary guitarist
    very loved by everyone DADOU PASQUET

    Please reply


    Jimmy Moise
    Le P’ti Club President/CEO

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