Did T-Micky Get Special Treatment?

What Happens When the President’s Son Is Allegedly Paid Higher than Others?


We live in a world where celebrities get a lot of preferential treatment. Whether it’s at a club or party, you will likely get overlooked if you aren’t a celebrity. This may also be true for the son of the Haitian President Michel Martelly. President Martelly is a former musician and businessman, and it appears that his son, Sandro Martelly (T-Micky), is following in his footsteps. But is he somehow using his power as the president’s son to gain more monetary payout than other musicians?

T-Micky’s Background

T-Micky is an aspiring musician who seems well on his way to greatness. With his high-profile status (that his father’s position likely aided), it makes sense that he will see greatness a lot sooner than other musicians and bands. He and his band have made several tours around the world to expand their brand. Further, one of the most amazing things is that T-Micky has done all of this while still a student at Boston University.

T-Micky’s Unfair Advantage?

When musicians play for different festivities, they want to get paid the same as the other musicians who perform. However, if other musicians perform more gigs for more hours, then they should rightfully be paid more money.

At Carifesta 2015 last summer, T-Micky supposedly pocketed $40,000 as payment for the four gigs in which he performed. The next closest band earned $35,000. And reportedly, that band actually only received that much because it included an amount that President Martelly gave them to help them participate in another gig. In short, other bands and musicians allegedly only received around an $20,000 for doing the same amount of (or more) work than T-Micky.

Carifesta 2015
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Will T-Micky Get Away With This?

The other bands are trying to refrain from publicly bashing T-Micky in giving the benefit of the doubt. The negative publicity could hurt their own image, which would not be good for their long-term success. Instead, other musicians have just had to bite their tongues and deal with the fact that they perhaps were not compensated fairly. Some allude that with Haitian Music Industry politics, these situations at festivals have gotten to the point where it is regular and not worth worries. Some hakuna matata, huh?

Is School A Humble Cover-Up?

T-Micky is a student at Boston University, so he legitimately does gig for for money. The recent negative press towards T-Micky has prompted his manager to speak out and protect him. He alleges that T-Micky was in school during the time when Carifiesta was going on, and that other bands were the ones making disproportionate money. Though it’s hard to believe that T-Micky isn’t seeing at least some of the payout due to his political ties — one has to just decide on their own who they want to believe.

Musicians and bands are put into difficult PR positions when it comes to controversies like this. They want to say something publicly, but they also want to avoid the negative press on themselves. If it turns out that the allegations aren’t true about T-Micky, then the other bands that were in the wrong could see their careers silence quickly.

What do you think? Did T-Micky get the big bucks?