Izolan Ft Boz: La Trip Sou Mwen

Izolan And Boz Sling Reggae On A Beautiful Boat With A Beautiful Babe

La Trip Sou Mwen
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Izolan, a Haitian rapper who is growing in popularity, recently released his tropical music video for his new song, La Trip Sou Mwen. With his partner in crime Boz, the musical breakout cruises through the blue ocean while sing-rapping words to a reggae rhythm.

Izolan has been organically growing a fan base since early 2011, when he entered the social media scene. He is often seen with iconic Haitian rap kreyol group Harikad Crew, and was a large practitioner of of “Terapi” during Haiti’s Kanaval 2014 celebrations.

To check out the vid and the sea spray: