Jeneral Killa: Yo Pa Vle We’m

General Killer “Jeneral Killa” Releases Hard And Silly Street Jam, Yo Pa Vle We’m — In 1440p!

Jeneral Killa Yo Pa Vle We'm
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In his melodramatic music video for his new single Yo Pa Vle We’m, Jeneral Killa, a upcoming Haitian rap kreyol artists, documents the mock prosecution of a “hater.” Fueling the female degradation fire, the video features janky and scantily-clad girls dancing around baseball bats like they are poles. Also present are overly-tight drum kick loops and crowds of Killa’s “friends” (including kids who look to be under 15) singing along with his violent and party-driven lyrics.

The video itself was filmed in an impressive 1440p — it’s worth watching mainly for YouTube’s new definition of high quality. See it here: