Nu Look: Why Do you Say you Love Me (Live in Ottawa)

Nu Look Rocks the House With Their Inspired Performance in Ottawa

Nu Look

This poppin video by Nu Look is great — and full of musical rawness — but that is just the beginning. For a live recording, the audio is is smooth and funky. The song itself is composed beautifully; Nu Look really can set a great mood. The group brings amazing energy, like the rhythm flows through naturally.

It’s unfortunate that such a rockin’ bank is playing for such a small audience. One would assume by the production value that it was a huge concert in a larger venue. All the musicians bring value to the ensemble, and are talented both individually and collectively. Perhaps a new deal for Nu Look is on the horizon? As one of our readers wrote: “Nu Look is my favorite artist, I honest can not get enough. I’ve listened to this video over and over! A 10/10, will would recommend to friends and family.”