Orlane Chokola (Live at the Festival de Zouk)

Orlane Chokola Swings and Sways to Her Sultry Beat in Guadalupe

Orlane Chokola

This video, showcasing Orlane Chokola, shows the seasoned Haitian singer encouraging, engaging, and entertaining the crowd with passion and joy. Chokola swoons throughout with a sultry swaying of her hips, matched to rhythm of her seductive Creole lyrics. Chokola’s performed at the Festival de Zouk in Guadeloupe, wowing the crowd with her impassioned performance. The audience is sizable; they are enthralled by the beat.

Chokola feels her music and displays her emotion and passion through her singing. Her lyricism is upbeat and draws a person in. Whether it is love or heartbreak, the artist’s ability to portray meaning with her voice highlights her keen musical talents. And that’s all not to disregard the other members of the band, who are keeping the groove down with their keys and drums!