What Is Haitian Music?

What Is Haitian Music?

Invigorating beats, masterful strums, deep personal lyrics, and zesty melodies — this is the music of the great island nation of Haiti. How do we begin to answer the question, “What is Haitian Music?

What is Haitian Music
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A good place to start is the past. Haiti has a rich and, albeit painful, fascinating history. By understanding the origins of the country, one understands how the cultural threads of Haiti are weaved into the lyrics and patterns of almost every Caribbean genre that exists today. We offer a comprehensive look at Haiti’s beginnings on our history page here.

Modern styles are born from older patterns and influences, often regarded as classics or oldies. As this is true of other places, it is also true of Haiti. To explore the different  musical roots, check out our traditional breakdowns via Haitian folk music.

If you already know the backgrounds and stems from which your favorite artists and bands blossomed, head on over to our popular Haitian music to learn about everything from zouk to hip hop.

If you would rather take a hands-on approach instead of a studious approach to the music of Haiti, then we’re still here to help. You can find the freshest music videos and new singles over in our videos section, or read about the latest scoops in the news category of our site.

So what is Haitian music? The answer is a melting pot of different influences, events, and coincidences that create a unique and beautiful result today. Be it dance, religion, or politics, every different aspect has its place in defining the musical landscape that exists today. There are discoveries to be made, feet to move, and fun to be had. HaitianMusic.net is your shovel — let’s get digging!

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