Ladrezeau François: Mwa bout

Ladrezeau François Takes Us to Another World With His Traditional Haitian Chants

Ladrezeau Francois

Ladrezeau Francois’ music comes as a welcome change of pace for your modern Haitian Music listener — it’s certainly not your everyday zouk or kompa. Though it is dated, grainy, and low-quality, the video gets its point across: the struggles of the everyday are real and abundant. The beat is percussive and infectious; it is struck out by human hands. Francois seems to pull us in with his rhythm, encouraging us to lose ourselves and dance.

Mwa bout plays out as the story of an interesting  of a man who doesn’t have much and is calling upon others. Francois really seems like he can relate to the images going on in the video. The imagery strikes a blatant dichotomy between wealth and gripping poverty.