N.E.S. and Mista Deezy – An Vé Sex [#AnotherSide]

N.E.S. and Mista Deezy Bring the Spirit of the Club in An Vé Sex [#AnotherSide]

NES and Mista Deezy This song seems to be very unique and original. The beat would lend itself well to exercise. Nes and Mista Deezy build the track in a way which keeps the utmost attention of the listener. After you’ve jammed, you’ll be left wanting more. The energy of An Vé Sex is positive and peppy. It is a beat for zoning out, and isn’t at all repetitive like so many songs are today.

The energy and sultry pop lyrics give a party-anthem feeling to the tune. When the blood gets boiling, so does the heat of the bodies in the room. N.E.S. and Mista Deezy elicit a the power and energy of the club. Give #AnotherSide one, two, of four spins.