Tanya St Val: OUI SE’Y

Tanya St Val Brings Some Hip Swing Back to the Scene in “Oui Se’y”

St Val

Tanya St Val sings as a powerful young diva in her music video for Oui Se’y, a funky and fun new groove. With long earrings, St Val is the stand-out star of this colorful musical video. A catchy beat and rhythm serve as a canvas, painting the zouk singer in front of calming waters and swaying trees.

The party is occasionally interrupted by an intermittent story: In it, the young singer goes out to a party with her friends and performs with them for a number of friends and strangers. Surrounding the group are a lot of good looking men — but the singer takes no interest in dancing with any of them.

Set to the bouncy rhythm of modern zouk, St Val’s piece is a colorful and lively tale of a young woman trying to navigate her social life! Catch it here: