Wendy King Traka: Just For Fun Freestyle #1

Wendy King Traka Drops His Fresh Just For Fun Freestyle #1 On The Hood Of A Car

Wendy King Traka Just For Fun Freestyle #1
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Wendy King Traka, the young Haitian hip hop artist who has been especially blowing up since early 2014, recently released a new high-quality music video. The 2-minute clip shows Traka rapping off the hood of his car, with his gold chain penduluming over his batman shirt.

The shot is done in an intentionally low-qual way, so as to give it all a simple vibe. The beat is pretty 2013-esque, in line with mainstream hip hop’s patterns. The sound and video quality are great, though.

To see Traka kick it (and his dog at the end):