Yvan Voice: Jalouse

Yvan Voice Pours His Heart Out in His Mournful Ballad, “Jalouse”

Yvan Voice

Yvan Voice’s blends beautifully with the soft melody and rhythmic drums of his track, “Jalouse.” He sings with a bit of an island flare while staying grounded in pop. The beat mirrors the ocean breeze, making you want to sway back and forth. Yvan Voice’s soft voice and tone blend well with the instrumentation to provide a sing-song sweetness and an overall strong performance.

Imagine: this song is they type of song that should be played with the roof of the car pulled down, cruising down the road on a sunny day. The music video, though, is understruck with a risque tone, as we see the artist gently flirting with different women. If Yvan Voice continues to produce songs that meet at the intersection of smooth soul and reggae pop, he will be one to watch.