Setcha: Peyi mwen

Setcha Releases Bouncy New Zouk Single, Peyi Mwen

Setchi Peyi Mwen
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Setcha, an up-and-coming young Haitian rapper, recently released a rhythmic, Sean Kingston-esque jam entitled Peyi mwen. The zouk track should have no trouble getting listeners up on to their feet. We’ve yet to see any kind of music video, but there was an album cover release on both what appears to be Setcha’s personal YouTube and on his publisher, TOG Records’ account.

What do you think of Setcha’s departure from his traditional bi-lingual, “harder” style of MCing? Does the autotune do him justice or does it create an artificial effect? The trend in zouk-love and Haitian party music as a whole seems to be tropical get-money-get-paid kinds of productions: