Ricardo Beatz – Mwen Anvi

Ricardo Beatz Share the Vibe of the Seaside in “Mwen Anvi”

Ricardo Beatz Mwen Anvi

Ricardo Beatz has a very beautiful and powerful voice. The zouk love song singer’s emotions clearly come through in his delivery. One can tell that music, and the message of the music, is something Beatz is very passionate about. The music video for Mwen Anvi paints an idealistic picture — the people present are all very beautiful and dressed to match.

The quality of the video itself (meaning quality of the pictures and sounds) are also top-shelf. You can tell that this is a project Ricardo Beatz put his all into. With such a beautiful song and video to boast, the hard work paid off! The music is soothing and is something many people would really enjoy. The tone is simple yet very effective. There aren’t too many instruments, so the listener can really focus on Beatz’ creamy voice (aka the star of the song).